Congratulations to these Award Winners in the Dogwood Spring Spectacular Show!

FacebookFirst Place:  ”Facebook” by Saul Hernandez, Oil

 DimWattSecond Place: “Dim Watt”, by Noel Tillman, Cast Glass


TheDrapetomaniaDefectsThird Place: “The Drapetomania Defects (3)”, by Yanique Norman, Gouache and Graphite

Honorable Mentions: 

Humming Bird with Flower by Katherine Moore

Sunrise (A Study in Light) by Shelley Laband

Organic A by David Raderstore


 …judged by Jim Chapman

Exhibit: April 6- May 1

Francoise Harper, Butterfly on a Flowerbed, Pastel 
Peter Ho, Red Recliner, Watercolor 
Shelley Laband, Sunrise (A Study in Light), Oil 
Shelley Laband, The Little Mermaid, Oil 
Fran Scher, Recovery, Acrylic 
Kathy Butler, Nimblewill Creek, Watercolor 
Arlaine Morrison, Antelope Island, Watercolor 
Garry Colby, For Lois, Oil 
Lynda Ellis, The Tango Dress, Oil 
Aviva Stern, Ambiguity, Mixed 
Aviva Stern, Haiku #4, Mixed 
Julie Rothstein, Summer, Oil 
Gary Skelton, Summer Shade, Acrylic 
Tom Meiss, Snow Twig, Photography 
Joan W. Herring, Iris, Collage 
Joan W. Herring, Sunflowers, Collage 
Jamie Kiro, Tales from the North, Acrylic 
John Sumner, She’s a Peach, Photo Color Canvas 
Liefje Smith, Wing Chair & Yellow Table, Acrylic 
Aila Wartell, Sunrise Landscape, Collage 
Elsie Dresch, Mist on the Rocks, Oil 
Betty Martin Loud, Along the Garden Path, Pastel 
Nancy Blum, Spaces Within, Oil 
Jeann Blankenship, Zambia, Oil 
Sara Descalopoulis, Hydrangea, Oil 
Robert Christie, Bess, Oil 
H. Gay Allen, Lichen Wheel #4, Photography 
Paula Peterson, Memories of Modigliani, Fused Glass 
Wesley Channell, Tulips, Photography 
Nancy Suffolk Guerine, Three Old Friends…Crusty, Rusty and Trusty, Colored Pencil 
Azam Akbarzadeh, Flowers, Watercolor 
Susan Proctor, #489 Freedom, Mixed 
Lorraine Kimsey, Red Door ,Acrylic 
Lorraine Kimsey, White Tulips, Acrylic 
Sally Evans, WTC II, Acrylic 
Evelyn M. Breit, Girl in Green Robe, Oil 
Gail Koornick ,The Black Crow is a Tricky Bird, Mixed 
Gunda Perry, Sculpture, Stone 
Jane Mason, Clair, Oil 
Clyde Draughon, Charleston Courthouse, Watercolor 
Mary Derbes, Golden Fields, Collage 
Muriel Bourgeois, Lotus, Ink 
Jenny Lyon, Quartet II, Charcoal 
Mickey McConnell, Exploing, Ink & Watercolor 
Lila McAlpin, Wild Flowers in Buckets with Tomatoes, Oil 
Lynne Brice, Strumming my Fate, Oil 
Nancy Rounsaville, Maine 2013, Oil 
Priscilla Glenn, Racing Before the Storm, Oil on Linen 
Denise Jennings, Historical Atlanta: Spring, Oil 
Ujjagar Wassan, Dogwood 2, Pastel 
Valerie Gruner, Bloomed, Photography 
Michael Stanley, Iris Versicolor, Pastel 
J. Christopher-Quillen, Garden Gate, Pastel 
Nancy S. Shippen, Russell Square in Spring, Oil 
Charles Woodbery, Still Life, Acrylic 
William Edwards, Love Lady, Photography 
Katherine Moore, Hummingbird with Flower, Colored Pencil 
Merry Leggett, Somewhere, Oil 
Sally Mitchell, Celadon Vase, Oil 
Susan L. Richardson, Downtown Books, Oil 
Ruth Gogel, Architectural Surprise, Photography 
David Raderstorf, Organica, Photo 
Isaac Alcantar, Red Zone, Watercolor 
Noel Tillman, Dim Watt, Cast Glass 
Noel Tillman, Untitled, Cast Glass 
Patricia Selbiger, Redhead, Oil 
Wanda Walston, Spring in Bloom, Mixed 
Adrienne Miller, Svaneke Cottage Flowers, Acrylic 
Nancy Johnson, Rockin’ Raccoon, Mixed 
Mary Beth Cornelius, Rhythm 1,2,3, Acrylic 
Saul Hernandez, Facebook, Oil 
Abdiel Pargas, Flowers II, Acrylic 
Anne E. Hall, Dearest, Oil 
Paolo Chiezzi, Limoni, Oil 
Pati Cawthon, Where the Wind Blows, Acrylic 
Larry Hall, Enciente of the Moors, Oil 
Jodie Hutchens, Self Portrait, Oil 
Yanique Norman, The Drapetomania Defect (3), Gouache & Graphite 
Christy Aldredge, Morning Gathering, Oil
Carol Clark, Neel Crossing, Acrylic
Lucy Pittman, Lavender Fields Provence, Oil

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