Donation Center

Atlanta Artists Center…

relies on four pillars of revenue to meet our operating or fixed expenses: Membership, Sketch groups/Workshops, Exhibits and art sales and Donations. We depend on these areas to generate enough revenue to cover our daily operating costs. In response we have established the Atlanta Artists Center Donation Center which is essentially an appeal for donations to assist in paying our “fixed expenses” associated with the operation of Atlanta Artists Center.

As a thank you…

to our most generous member benefactors we are offering a membership extension of 3 years to those donating $500 up to $999, and a 6 year membership extension to members donating $1000 or higher.
These membership extensions will take effect after the expiration of current memberships.

Two points to consider:

  1. Many companies offer gift matching programs. Even if you retired you might investigate the availability of gift matching availability from your employer.

  2. Donations to organizations are for the most part are tax deductible. Receiving something in return has a tendency to complicate things a bit. You should contact your financial advisor or the IRS to clarify your specific situation. For this reason the “membership extension” we are offering will not be automatic. We will be asking whether or not you might wish to benefit from the offer. The option is solely the benefactors decision. Click here for a brief explanation.

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