What are Credentials?

Credentials is an accomplishment measuring system available to members in good standing* at Atlanta Artists Center (AAC). Becoming a Credentialed Member is not mandatory or a requirement of membership, but is strongly encouraged. The program is established entirely to benefit the progressive advancement and development of AAC artists.

• AAC offers four levels to recognize artistic achievement. The highest level is Member of Excellence. Members may accumulate credits from applicable show acceptances and awards within and outside of AAC.

• Credits achieved prior to membership do not qualify for any level. If more than one entry is accepted or awarded in any show, only one piece will be considered for credentials. 

• A single accepted work may count only one time even if juried into a future show by a different judge.

What are the levels of Credentialed Membership?

  1. Juried Member – 4 Credits –
    4 Juried credits from credentialed Grandview Gallery shows
  2. Merit Member -10 Credits = your new accumulated total.
    4 Juried credits from credentialed Grandview Gallery Shows
    2 Award credits: from Grandview Gallery Shows
  3. Advanced Merit Member – 20 Credits = your new accumulated total
    2 Juried credits from credentialed Grandview Gallery shows
    4 Grandview Gallery awards
    4 Outside show acceptances
  4. Member of Excellence – 30 Credits = your new accumulated total
     4 Grandview Gallery awards
    4 Regional or National acceptances
    2 Regional or National awards

What are the benefits of being a Credentialed Member?

Credentials communicate your level of dedication to the art community and increases your Social Currency, meaning your influence on online and offline communities, social networks, and the standard by which others ascertain your artistic talents. They are beneficial in other important areas including the following:

1Credentials offer a foundation on which the building blocks of an artist’s resume can lie.
2Artist’s level of dedication and discipline can be recognized by competing on state, regional and national levels in addition to local exhibiting. All essential components of the Credentials program.
3Patrons and collectors interested in commissioning new artworks often ask the artist for their resume or curriculum vitae.
4Credentials accomplishments gives artists more credibility in the eyes of the art community and the art buying public. As a result a credentialed artist can expect to increase the price for their work and their reputation enhanced.

How do I get started on my Credentials?

If you are interested in participating in the AAC Credentials Program reply accordingly by email to

Please refer to the Members Handbook section IV. ABOUT AAC CREDENTIALS for additional instructional information.

AAC will confer credentials for outside shows that meet specific criteria. 

If you want to receive credit for a show that is not on the approved list, please forward to the Credentials Committee this information: #1 through #10 

  1. Number of entries submitted
  2. Number of entries accepted
  3. Cash prizes available
  4. Name of juror
  5. Title of your artwork
  6. Must have been completed in last five years
  7. A printed copy of the prospectus must accompany the application
  8. Title of the exhibition
  9. Date of the exhibition
  10. Any artwork may only be submitted for credit one time

Keep a record of acceptances and awards: Members are responsible for maintaining their own records of show acceptances and awards. Record keeping forms can be obtained at the Grandview Gallery. Forward the completed forms to the Credentials Committee when you have accrued enough credits for the next level.

Requests for Juried and Award Credit must be presented to the Credentials Committee by the artist within 5 years from the date of the exhibit.

After AAC Member of Excellence has been achieved, no further credentials are applied.

* Being a Member in Good standing: your dues are paid and a minimum of 10 volunteer hours has been met annually.