Common Interest Groups

Members with similar interests can learn from each other in board approved Common Interest Groups.  Common Interest Groups are within the purview of the Board of Directors and shall comply with all established AAC procedures and protocols.  When space is available, meetings may be held at AAC with prior board approval at fees of $5 for Members and $7 for Non-Members.

LOCAL PLEIN AIR PAINTING                                                                                                                  Facilitator: Julie Mann                  

AAC plein air painters meet at scenic outdoor locations scouted by Julie Mann. These outings are usually a morning activity; directions and other information are provided to participants.              Contact Julie Mann to learn more.

MONTEAGLE, TENNESSEE ANNUAL PLEIN AIR EXCURSIONS                                              Facilitator: Diana Dice

A group of AAC painters has been visiting the mountaintop in Monteagle, TN for the past 30 years, in the spring and fall. Monteagle is about 50 miles northwest of Chattanooga, near Suwanee. The typical stay is four days, Sunday noon until Thursday breakfast, at the spacious Dubose Episcopal Conference Center, which has comfortable painting rooms for indoor painting during inclement weather. Participants paint outdoors and gather after supper to talk about their paintings. Everyone has a great time as they paint, exercise, and share fun and laughter. Contact Diana Dice for details.

PAINTING CRITIQUES                                                                                                                                

Meet at AAC and bring at least one piece for friendly, encouraging, and supportive feedback. Meetings take place on occasional Thursday evenings at 7pm.  Stay tuned for announcements. AAC critiques help painters attain insight into their work; strengthen their understanding of a personal style; gain knowledge about how others see their work; and obtain experience presenting their work to an audience. Contact Atlanta Artists Center for more information.

DYNAMIC COLOR GROUP                                                                                                                         Facilitators: Anne Emerson Hall and Larry Hall

Increase your understanding of color mixing and the effects of light on color.  Wednesdays, 10am – 1 pm, you will work from still life objects arranged and lit by facilitators who share valuable knowledge acquired from mentors Nelson Shanks and Steven Assael.  Learn to “push”color and achieve dramatic effects that add vitality and excitement to your work.  When a live model is the subject, the fee will be slightly higher.   Contact Atlanta Artists Center for more information.