Life Drawing and Painting

AAC’s spacious studio is a popular gathering place for sketch groups, classes, workshops, presentations, meetings, and other exciting events.  Easels, tables, chairs, and spotlights are provided. Parking is free and well lit.

Studio Times and Activities

10am - 1pm10am - 1:30pm10am - 1pm7pm - 10pm10am - 1pmOpen Studio - No Model
Classical NudePortrait/Costumed Dynamic Color GroupLife DrawingNude/DrapedSelf-Directed Drawing and Painting
$10 members / $15 non-members
$5 members / $7 non-members$10 members / $15 non-members$5 members / $7 non-members

Monday – Thursday Life Drawing and Painting

$10 members / $15 non-members

AAC’s Life Drawing groups provide exclusive opportunities to practice the principles of line, mass, composition, anatomy, foreshortening, values, color, and other components of classical fine art.  This is where artists of every level can directly apply their chosen tactile medium in myriad styles, engaging in an ancient and noble pursuit to visually translate the spirit and meaning of the human form.  Feel free to sketch, draw, or paint – odorless solvents only.  Pre-registration not required.

Wednesday – Dynamic Color Group

$5 AAC members / $7 non-members – Fees higher when a live model is the subject

Artists can increase their understanding of color mixing and the effects of light on color on Wednesdays, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, while painting from still life objects arranged and lit by facilitators who share valuable knowledge acquired from mentors Nelson Shanks and Steven Assael.  Learn to “push”color and achieve dramatic effects that add vitality and excitement in your paintings. Pre-registration is not required.

Friday Open Studio – No Model

$5 AAC members / $7 non-members

Pre-registration is not required.  Just drop in and start creating!

Friday is the day to create at your own pace in the company of other enthusiastic and supportive artists.  Participants work in a variety of hand applied media.  Bring lunch or order from Basil’s next door or Anise across the street. There is a noon break during which you can watch an art-training or art demo video or continue working on your masterpiece.

Studio Policies:

  • Sign in and pay before the session begins
  • Use odorless solvents only (no turps)
  • Do not pour solvents down drains
  • Clean easels and work area after use
  • Return all equipment to original location after use
  • Photographs may not be taken without permission from the model
  • Silence cell phones
  • Bring paper towels