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Dues Waiver Program for Qualified Individuals
As recognized 501(C)(3) organization Atlanta Artists Center offers an annual waiver of dues and specific fees for income qualified artists. Please visit AAC, call 404-237-2324  or click here to contact us by email to learn more about this program.  

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AAC welcomes beginner, intermediate, and professional fine artists.  Members receive benefits that lead to increased knowledge, skills, and confidence, while connecting with other creative people in a supportive environment.

AAC has nearly 300 members from around world, the USA, and our home state of Georgia.

Membership Benefits:

  • Grandview Gallery Juried Exhibits
  • Grandview Gallery Receptions
  • Awards and Ribbons
  • Credentials and Merit Levels for career advancement
  • Special Rates for Life Drawings/Sketch Groups/Workshops/Classes
  • Free Artist Talks, Demos, and Presentations
  • Outside Venue Opportunities
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