Every member has the opportunity to achieve four rankings within AAC by earning credits based on specific criteria.  Each level confers recognition for artistic skill and creativity.   Members earn credits from AAC shows, outside shows, and by volunteering at AAC.  Membership must be renewed annually to maintain credentialed status.

Click HERE for a printable form to keep track of your credits.

AAC credentialed levels and required points are as follows:

Juried Member    4 Credits       Advanced Merit Member  20 Credits

Merit Member    10 Credits       Member of Excellence      30 Credits

Each painting may be counted only once toward credentials.  Artists with more than one painting or award in a show, may count only one per show. Credits are cumulative and count toward succeeding levels.

Each credentialed level also requires 10 recorded AAC volunteer hours per year. Volunteers should record their hours in the Volunteer Binder at the Grandview Gallery front desk. Membership must be renewed annually to maintain credentialed status.

Award and Juried Credits are offered as follows:

Grandview Gallery Shows: 

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place:     1 Award Credit
Honorable Mention:   1 Juried Credit

AAC Approved Outside Shows:

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place, or comparable: 1 Award Credit
Local, State, Regional, or National shows: 1 Juried Credit

A list of AAC approved outside shows is available at the Grandview Gallery. Refer to this list if you are accepted into an outside show. If the show is not on the list, you may contact the Credentials Committee to determine whether that show meets necessary criteria for approval.

Credentials are given in the following AAC Shows :

  • Synchronicity – February
  • Dogwood – April
  • Binders – July
  • AAC Fall / Winter Show – November

All Awards (1st Place to HM):     1 Award credit
Acceptance (without award):       1 Juried credit

Keeping Track of Show Credits:

Members are responsible for keeping a record of their own credits. They can use the AAC application form which is available at the Grandview Gallery and online.  When enough credits are earned for a new level, submit the completed application by email to the Atlanta Artists Center for approval or click the link below.

Submit Credentials Form to AAC


Members of Excellence
Mary Barkis, Clara D. Blalock, Evelyn M. Breit, Betsy Cozine, Clyde Draughon, Cathy Ehrler, Susan Faircloth, Kathy Rennell Forbes, Louise Georges, Ruth Gogel, Pat Hahn, Anne Brodie Hill, Adele C. Huestis, Lorraine Kimsey, Gail E. Novak, Ronnie Offen, Jan Ross, Junko Rothwell, Jane Springfield, James Stephens, John Sumner

Advanced Merit Members
Priscilla Glenn, Valerie Kletcher, Liefje Smith

Merit Members
Nancy Blum, Leon Borchers, Marsha Chandler, Lynda Ellis, Constance Falconer, Gail Koornick, Dorothy Metting, Katherine Moore, Arlaine Morrison, Daryl R. Nicholson, Ollie Romand, Joan O. Stabler, Constance Stancell

Juried Members
David J. Barranti, Barbara Caracostas, Beth Stokes Clinton, Elizabeth Davis, Mary Derbes, Debbie Douglas, Marilyn Feingold, Patricia Fiorello, Linda Foltz, Barbara Fountain, Susan Gallo,  Carol Ann Lee Hedrick, Joe Hoyle, Deanna Jaugstetter, Sharon Lehman,  Georgette Liberator-Mocciolo, Carolyn A. Mann, Whit Harris Robbins, Julia Shapiro, Sallie Ritter Smith, Russell Streur, Martha M. Vega, William Ralph Vogler, Joan Zillessen